Automated Wireless Environments Inc is a privately held corporation operating with the same management team for over 20 years, developing and supporting Enterprise and Wireless POS Software exclusively for the Petroleum Industry. Our current E-System is the third new generation of Enterprise Software from ES9000 Main Frame to AIX/SCO UNIX to SQL Server, with each generation completely rewritten based on our knowledge and experience in Petroleum Distribution.  AWE mission is to provide the very best software including billing, taxing, accounts receivable, collections, Credit Card, EFT, and so on.   The current platform is Microsoft .NET for both enterprise and mobile.

AWE is the Best of Breed solution and provides integration for Payroll, Accounting Systems, and Websites. Hedging, and other software products that are also Best of Breed. We have been providing Wireless POS systems since 1993 for Delivery and HVAC Service.  All of AWE customers are in the Petroleum Distribution Business in North America and all of our products are for the Petroleum Industry. Petro-Canada, now Suncor, has been a customer since 2000. In further detail, we develop and support software to customers in Petroleum Distribution, but mostly in home heating, commercial, agriculture and mobile refueling.  Our larger customers purchase products by Cargo Ship and operate large deep water terminals. We are very knowledgeable on all the processes from the purchase of refined petroleum products to the delivery of 40 gallons of propane for a cooking stove to 28,000 gallons tanks that require 8 truck loads for one delivery. We have Fleet Fueling Customers from the East Coast to the West Coast of both the United States and Canada, with all the associated prices and taxes predominant in both countries.

We have developed a powerful proprietary formula for degree day scheduling but also interface with many electronic tank gauges. Our Mobile Refueling product has been available for many years and has evolved to support new requirements and desired features. We have supported new communications infrastructures, new devices and operating systems as technology has advanced. Turn by Turn Navigation, Direct Emailing, Signature Capture and Web Reporting are more recent features that have evolved from customer requests and industry requirements. Geo-coding and Geo-fencing of delivery points are some of the newest features being implemented.  Future features include engine monitoring and direct integration with tank gauges so that product can be loaded to conform almost exactly to deliveries.  AWE has always looked forward, addressing requirements and responding to the industry and to our customers.

AWE offers a Web Portal as well as Delivery and Fleet reporting via the web.  You can control who sees what data and what reports the customer can run.  Many reports already exist and new reports are easy to create with several different formats, among these are: Two tier grids, also known as master detail, One tier grids, such as Excel Charts and more. Your customers can view, print or download the data.  Printouts have your logo at the top, and you can also rebrand the pages to match your current website.  The system is comprised of two parts, a front end residing anywhere allowing the customer to interact with their data and a Web Service that sits on your network. We use double encryption to ensure your customer’s data is never compromised.  We have deployed throughout the US and Canada.

AWE has existing partnerships with truck builders in most areas as well as access to Honeywell’s national professional services.  AWE also recommends that your current Truck Builders would be the best choice for deployment and can be trained easily.  AWE uses both Honeywell and Zebra handhelds and are available in Class 1, Div 2 ratings as well as Non Incendiary.  Training in the Truck over the WEB automates Installation and Training and minimizes onsite training.  Automated Wireless Environments has provided Wireless Delivery since 1995 and in Canada since 1998 and has responded and adapted its software to many different communications requirements including GSM and CDMA.  The AWE solution is modular allowing for expansion and new technologies to be incorporated.

AWE development and vision is also a direct result of customer input.  AWE has an annual User Conference where it introduces new products, has selected partner presentations, such as Brite and Paygo from Angus Energy, Rugged Mobile computers from Honeywell, and web solutions from DESTWIN as well as Roundtables with Customers about improving and adding new functionality to our products.  A quote from an IT manager, “I’ve never attended a User Conference with the opportunity to discuss product development direction and future enhancements and to participate in the steering committee”. We encourage Customers to provide a Wish List which provides more detail for both short term and long term enhancements.

AWE occupies the 110+ year old Newton Trust Company building located in Historic Downtown Newton New Jersey.  Newton has become home to many technology companies which makes it a great location for Automated Wireless to Grow.