Route Optimization for your Oil and Propane Deliveries

AWE’s Route Manager (ARM.NET) software will help you to plan more cost-effective Oil and Propane delivery routes so you can start saving time and money today!  Route Manager is a natural extension to your existing AWE Wireless Delivery application and shares the same ticket, truck and customer information.

Plan and Optimize Routes

  • Easily plan multi-stop routes including stops at terminals and stops for lunch or dinner breaks
  • Optimize your routes using parameters such as Hazmat routing and Truck heights and weights
  • Modify any route during a shift by dragging new orders into the route and re-optimize from the current drivers location

Wirelessly Dispatch Routes to Your AWE Mobile Delivery Fleet

  • Optimized routes are sent wirelessly to AWE’s Mobile Delivery software on approved Windows Mobile and Android Devices
  • Change route sequence or add new orders during a drivers shift and send updates to the truck in real time
  • Easily reassign a route or orders to another truck in case of mechanical truck failure or workload shifts

Live Tracking of Vehicles and Delivery Statuses

  • Vehicle GPS information is reported to the back office allowing a dispatcher to see the location of vehicles
  • Order completions are reported in near real time to the back office allowing a dispatcher to see the status of a route
  • Easily locate a truck and assign last minute or emergency orders

Powerful Application Configuration to Fit Your Business

  • Configure how you want routes, tooltips and status colors to look in the application
  • Default and Custom filters can be created, saved and reused to filter your tickets
  • Map area, route area and ticket grids can all be moved to create a custom workspace