MobiControl provides the functionality to view and take control of the computer being used by a driver or service technician, providing the ability to securely manage mobile devices and connected peripherals. With MobiControl’s advanced security and management features, applications can be loaded and updated remotely and technical issues can be quickly resolved by the office.

Live, real-time support with the fastest and most reliable interactive remote control of the Windows devices for optimal Helpdesk capability and troubleshooting. If dispatch or your office personnel cannot resolve a problem, then an AWE support technician can connect to the vehicle directly saving time and money. Remote view is powerful and intended for troubleshooting and program updates, however if MobiControl is used for training and monitoring drivers and technicians, data usage goes up and may result in data usage overage charges from your carrier. It is recommended that a larger plan be used during startup and then adjusted as your experience factor is determined. It is always recommended to ask your carrier to pool the data usage so that the total usage for all devices is added together and then divided by the number of devices which allows for an overage from one device to be combined with another device with under usage.

MobiControl is very economical and has a quick return on investment. Call our office and ask for prices.