Gary Sullivan is the CEO and is primarily responsible for administration including purchasing but mostly with Enterprise Systems.  Gary is predominately involved in support and is not heavily involved with the future planning and technology with the Wireless Products.  Gary started with Texaco in the 1960s and has been developing software for the Petroleum industry ever since.  Gary created the first on line system for a retail oil company, Commander Oil, in 1968.  This was published in Humble Esso Energy magazine in the winter of 1969 and can be seen by clicking on Humble Commander 1969 below.  Commander Oil was located in Oyster Bay, New York.

Mike Sullivan is the President and he and his team are responsible for development and are the AWE visionaries.  Mike is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and has a degree in Engineering.  He is the designer of the Wireless Delivery System, the Mobile Refueling System and the Wireless Service System currently in use by many Petroleum Distributors including several large Coops and Major Oil companies.   Mike dictates policy regarding consistency of the hardware choices and the software platform across our 4 major Wireless Systems including Metered Delivery, Fleet Fuelling, HVAC Field Service, and Transport Unmetered Delivery.

Jason Mirsky is the Vice-President of Information Technology, and a Data Base expert.  He is extremely creative and knowledgeable with SQL SERVER, SQL PROCEDURES, NETWORKS, and OPERATING SYSTEMS.  Jason designed and developed the SQL architecture used within all of our applications. Jason is responsible for Development of our office products and the integration with other products and services including document e-mailing, credit card clearing, Cardlock, tank monitoring, payment scanning and processing, etc.

Dave Shiffer, Marketing Director, has been involved with Petroleum Distribution for many years, first as a programmer, then in sales for STS, then an owner of a Petroleum Distribution company in New England, then in sales for Info-Sys, and is now applying his extensive industry knowledge to running Sales and Marketing for AWE.

Gary Sullivan and Dave Shiffer each have over 50 years experience in the Petroleum Industry.

Jason Abraham is the Director of Operations for AWE Canada in Montreal (a division of AWE).   Jason has worked in the software-for-energy sector for more than 15 years.  In this time he has been a Support Supervisor, effectively running a team of technical support personnel.  He has also been project manager for numerous implementations throughout North America. Jason has expanded his Energy Distribution knowledge through assisting in truck computer installations and driver training.