Automated Vehicle Location and Vehicle Telemetry Tracking

The Automated Vehicle Location (AVL.NET) application will provide your company with greater control over the actions of your vehicles in the field, increase the accountability of your field personnel and allow for optimum efficiency of your company’s entire dispatch process.  This GPS based tool expands the situational awareness of your dispatchers of both delivery vehicles and service vans across any number of divisions.

Full Control at a Glance

  • Define your vehicle icons to match each division’s colors and vehicle types (Distillate truck, Propane truck and Service van)
  • View the vehicle information by vehicle type and division/location
  • Visually review the current status of each vehicle, their location and heading, all without needing to touch the mouse
  • Use the map view or the hybrid satellite view to pinpoint your vehicles locations

Real-Time Progress

  • Track a specified vehicle in real-time
  • View the current liquid inventory levels of each delivery truck
  • View the delivery vehicle time sheets and upcoming assigned tickets for up-to-date news on the drivers progress throughout the day
  • Review the trail of any vehicle’s recent history of travel to easily identify route discrepancies

Alerts and Notifications

  • Set up geofences with entry and exit rules and other customizable options
  • Receive alerts in real-time when vehicles break geofence rules
  • Get notifications when drivers and techs perform specific actions (I.E. login, logoff, extended idle time etc)